Undivided Loyalty
At Dowers Commercial, we believe it is extremely difficult, if even possible at all, for one person to adequately represent both parties in a real estate transaction. It would be like an attorney representing both parties in a lawsuit. Neither side gets the benefit of undivided representation. We feel there is value to our clients by representing only one side of a transaction. That is, avoiding dual agency. In some rare situations, dual agency may be warranted, and in fact, can sometimes be mutually beneficial to the parties involved. However, in most cases, we feel representing only one party ensures our clients are receiving service that is in their best interest, completely objective, without conflict or divided loyalties. We made the deliberate decision to adopt this approach when we opened our doors in 2000 in response to what we saw as a market in need of specialized advisors representing tenants and buyers in commercial real estate transactions. Since then, we expanded into representation of landlords and sellers as well, but continue to apply a "one-side" approach, or single agency.